Catholic Church Ceremony

If you are Catholic and wish to have a Catholic ceremony, there are several beautiful churches where to celebrate the Catholic rite also with priests who speak English. Please note that not all churches on the Amalfi Coast allow a wedding ceremony: our team at Lemons & Love will be of great help to help you select your ideal option among the authorized churches where this is possible.

Church ceremony in Ravello. Wedding in the historical catholic duomo

An important aspect to keep in mind is that most churches on the Amalfi Coast do not celebrate weddings in August and on Sundays. The Catholic Ceremony can be celebrated if at least one of the two (either the Bride or the Groom) is a practicing Catholic in their own country.


Documents for the religious ceremony

Positano Church Ceremony. Amalfi Coast Catholic wedding - Lemons & Love

Usually according to our experience with other couples the local priest advise at best on which documents are required. Anyway here is a recap that is a general rule as each parish can have its own procedure:


All church paperwork is completed in the Bride’s or Groom’s parish, though some documents, such as a baptismal and confirmation certificates.


Most priests are quite familiar with the procedures involved in arranging an overseas wedding and will be very helpful in ensuring you complete all the documentation in full.

Amalfi Church Ceremony. Amalfi Coast Catholic wedding - Lemons & Love
  • Pre-nuptial enquiry form for each party to the marriage (can be obtained from your local parish)
  • Baptismal certificates for each party, issued from the parish of your baptism and dated within the past six months.
  • Confirmation certificate issued from the parish of your confirmation and dated within the last six months.
  • Permission from the bride’s Parish Priest that she may be married outside her own parish (Letter of Freedom).
Catholic Church Ceremony. Amalfi Coast Catholic wedding - Lemons & Love

Usually the couple will need to attend a pre-nuptial course at the local parish.


These documents are forwarded by the bride’s parish priest to the local Bishop in your country who will then prepare a covering letter and forward them directly to the referring Bishop in Italy of the church where you will be getting married. (or in some cases to us)


Most of the work has to be done where the couple lives. It is the local priest together with his referential bishop that have to check if you can have a catholic wedding and so give their authorization.

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