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Turning a love dream into reality in one of the most beautiful areas in the world is surely a wish of any couple in love and Positano is a town that seems to have been literally carved out of a dream.

For years, the picturesque beauty of Positano, positioned on the rocks and right in the middle of the wild unspoiled nature of the Amalfi Coast, has been attracting and charmed tourists from all over the world.


Positano Church Ceremony. Amalfi Coast Catholic wedding


Surrounded by the mountains and the sea, Positano is called the “vertical city” because it is built vertically on the side of a cliff and the higher you walk, the more breath-taking is the view. The town offers many quaint shops and amazing restaurants along the walkways.


Positano Church Ceremony. Amalfi Coast Catholic wedding


Amongst all the small towns on the Amalfi Coast, Positano is undoubtedly the most picturesque one, with its pyramid of coloured houses that from the beach goes up to the steep sides of the mountain and the maze of alleyways and stairs that cut across the town vertically, dotted with local shops offering summer dresses, handmade sandals and colourful ceramic items.


Positano Church Ceremony. Amalfi Coast Catholic wedding


Rich in eighteenth-century mansions and baroque buildings that are mixed with the typical small white houses overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, Positano is also a great starting point to visit the surrounding areas, the mountains, the coast and the amazing beaches that can be reached on foot or via the sea like the Islands of  Li Galli, famous for the myth of the sirens enchanting the sailors.


A selection of the most beautiful churches for your catholic ceremony in Positano.

Positano Church Ceremony. Amalfi Coast Catholic wedding - Lemons & Love

Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta


The most famous Catholic church for a religious ceremony in Positano is the stunning Baroque Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta which is amongst the oldest landmarks of Positano, as it dates back as far as the 10th century. The Church, a typical example of the local architecture, is located in the town center and its famous colourful majolica-tiled dome is well visible from anywhere in Positano. Inside, the Cathedral boasts precious marbles, gold details and many important works of art, including the famous Byzantine wooden panel of the Black Virgin Mary and Her Child.


Church of Saint Rosario


Another beautiful Church is the Church of St. Rosario, built on the ruins of an ancient Benedictine monastery. This church has been closed for many years but it has recently been restored and is now a small jewel, not to be missed.


Church of Santa Caterina


Another option is the charming Church of Santa Caterina, which is dedicated to Saint Catherine and was built by sailors.   The church was saved twice from ruins, once by the Cinque family and then once again by the local population in the thirties. It was during this time that the church was characterized by a Neo Gothic style, however it is important to underline that the light colours and the arches of this Church are not typical of a Neo Gothic church and instead give an intimate and welcoming feeling.


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