Elope to Capri

If you wish to skip the whole wedding process you can always elope to Capri, your entire wedding day will be about celebrating the love you and your fiancé have for each other. We can arrange for you a beautiful ceremony with a breathtaking view followed by a romantic dinner on one of the most elegant and intimate restaurant in Capri.

Elope to Capri

Capri is home to a number of romantic spot and can be the most spectacular backdrop for a romantic elope to Italy. Obtaining a marriage license in Italy is quite simple and we can guide you to all the paperwork process, the warm weather and the Mediterranean setting of Capri setting will create memories to last a lifetime.

Why Elope?

Beautiful weding ceremony Capri - Lemons & Love

An elopement is when a bride and groom decide to forgot the traditionally large ceremony and reception and instead opt for an intimate and private vow exchange with just the two of them. So why should you elope? There are a million reasons why couples choose to run off to Capri to elope: throwing a large wedding is stressful and let’s not forget, incredibly expensive; you may want a more intimate celebration with your partner; this may be your second marriage or your families may not get along; et cetera.


Whatever the reason, the choice to elope should be you and your fiancé’s alone. Don’t let family and friends or tradition stand in the way of your dream wedding. Plus, when you elope to Capri, it kind of doubles as your honeymoon which is a huge bonus.

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