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“..I have to thank my mother if I am now a wedding planner and designer, she is indeed the person who, with passion and talent, founded Leoeventi in 2002. Then the pupil overtook the master 🙂 and throughout the years with an incredible passion I developed all the skills needed to plan dream weddings. I have attended and supervised several events, and yet each time I witness the thrill in the eyes of the bride and the groom, I feel moved and enriched. Sometimes when I feel tired, I like to go back and read the thank you notes I collected through the years, this is important to gain strength and motivation. “


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“...I was born in Italy but I've always loved traveling to draw inspiration from different places and cultures. Over the years my passion for beautiful things led me to range over my studies in the fashion and design world with a winking look at the Made in Italy, then I landed into the bespoke events world becoming a wedding designer. Monica was my guide and teacher in the world of events and allowed me to give life to wonderful projects with great skill and concreteness. Helping lovely couples to give shape at their dreams and make real their love project, seeing the joy shining in their eyes and satisfaction in their guests: this makes my job so amazing!”


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