Wedding in Positano

The most bustling resort on the Amalfi Coast! Positano is considered by many as a very romantic destination. It is the perfect destination for weddings, it seems to be made specifically to tie the knot with the beautiful setting of the Amalfi Coast.

Wedding in Positano - The bustling resort on the Amalfi Coast

The Town of Positano


Clinging to the almost vertical coast halfway between Amalfi and Sorrento, Positano is the most famous resort on the Amalfi Coast. This magically beautiful town is located on the hill leading down to the coast and it is the one of the most romantic spots in Italy. Amazingly picturesque, with its pastel coloured houses perched in stepped ranks, the town is a bustling centre of activities for its visitors – shopping, eating, sipping, boat-riding, and lots more!  Originally, Positano was a fishing village and later on it became famous and loved by many writers and artists.


The gray shingle beach is fine for a quick dip, but the most dedicated sun-worshippers will take one of the regular boats to and from a series of smaller bays along the coast. If you’re driving, please keep in mind that the whole town has a very slow one-way road system that can be very time-consuming so, if your hotel does not offer a parking lot, the best advice is to leave the car at the first space you find and walk or use one of the regular buses.


Indeed, the best way to get around Positano is undoubtedly by walking. By bus you can reach the top of Positano called the thousand steps. There is a bus along the main street which takes down to the beach. From Positano, it is possible to visit beaches, villages and countryside always using the pedestrian areas. Positano is definitively recommended for people who enjoy walking!


Getting married in Positano

Wedding in Positano - The bustling resort on the Amalfi Coast

Most couples are attracted by the picturesque streets of the old part of the village and by the spectacular views that the town boasts.


The most popular spot for your civil wedding on the Amalfi coast is the Town Hall of Positano, it is a central landmark of the town and features a large balcony terrace overlooking the sea. Here you can have your legally-binding ceremony both in the morning but also in late afternoon.


Catholic ceremonies can be performed in the beautiful Baroque Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta which is amongst the oldest landmarks of Positano, as it dates back as far as the 10th century; there are also two other churches to consider: the Church of S. Rosario and the Chapel of  Santa Caterina. Ceremonies can be performed in English directly.


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Our wedding planners’ tips for your wedding in Positano

Wedding in Positano - The bustling resort on the Amalfi Coast

How to reach Positano


  • The nearest airport is Naples, approximately 50 km distance from Positano.
  • If you prefer to avoid renting a car at the airport (as driving along the coast can be difficult) you can take the train to Salerno and from there take the ferry to Positano; in certain months of the year it is also possible to take the ferry directly from the Port of Naples.


The best venues for your wedding in Positano

Wedding in Positano - The bustling resort on the Amalfi Coast

In Positano the main wedding venues are picturesque local restaurants with great local food. It is worth noting that here wedding receptions cannot extend after h 11pm due to noise restrictions and rules by the local Town Hall, so the wedding party can continue at a famous disco on the beach, which is a great and fun way to dance the night away and end a very special and memorable day!


When to get married in Positano

Wedding in Positano - The bustling resort on the Amalfi Coast

We recommend to avoid the busiest months of the year, July and August, as most Italians go on holiday and, together with the many tourists coming from abroad, the area becomes very busy.


Wedding Positano - bustling resort Amalfi Coast


To make the most of the beauty of Positano, we suggest the months of April, May, September and October; these months are also ideal because you avoid the very hot weather and you can still have a lovely outdoor wedding with very pleasant temperatures.

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