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When is the best time of year to get married on the Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi Coast is positioned in the south of Italy, which means lovely warm weather for most part of the year, and in any case you can arrange an outdoor wedding in this area even in April or in October.


During the peak summer months (July and August) the Amalfi Coast is at its busiest because there are lots of tourists but also Italians go on holiday: in fact August is the typical holiday month for Italians so the area becomes super busy, especially the two central weeks of August as the 15th August is a national holiday in Italy.


Generally speaking it is possible to arrange an outdoor wedding with pleasant temperatures from early April to end of October, with the peak summer months of July and August being the hottest time. If you consider the off-peak season (April and October) there is also more flexibility and hotel rates may be a bit lower compared to the peak summer months.

How long is the driving distance to the Amalfi Coast from the closest major airport?

The closest airport is Naples which is approximately 60 km from the Amalfi Coast. Please refer to the sections Ravello, Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi for more specific details.

How far ahead should I begin to plan my destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast?

This depends on the size of the wedding and whether it is a small intimate group or a large wedding with many guests, however the average time frame to plan a destination wedding in the area is around 10/12 months before the wedding date if you want to have the wedding on a Saturday (which is the most popular day for weddings in Italy). If however you are flexible on the wedding date and are willing to consider getting married on a weekday, then just 6/4 months before the date is still feasible.

How many days before the wedding do we have to be in Italy (in case of a legally binding civil ceremony)?

This depends on your nationalities; for English citizens for example just a couple of days before the actual wedding day is enough. Couples from the US and from some extra European countries have to be in Italy at least 10 days before the wedding day because there is some paperwork that needs to be prepared at your country’s Consular Office in Italy.

Generally speaking do we need to come to Italy before the actual wedding day?

The Amalfi Coast is a very unique area. If you don’t know and you have never been there, one visit to select the wedding venue is recommended, especially for medium to large weddings. If you are going to elope or wish to organize a small wedding then a visit before the wedding is not a must.

What is the average size wedding on the Amalfi Coast?

There isn’t really an average size wedding but the Amalfi Coast offers a good range of options for a small, intimate, couples-only wedding to a medium sized wedding to a larger wedding with lots of guests.

Is there a time of day that is ideal to have the wedding ceremony and reception on the Amalfi Coast?

Usually couples tend to prefer a late afternoon wedding, especially in the hot summer months because the temperatures are more pleasant and you can also enjoy the beautiful sunset over the sea. However in the low season like April or October an early afternoon wedding is also a lovely way to make the most of the nice weather of that time of year.

I am planning a destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast and I live on the other side of the world, can you help me?

Absolutely! Most of our couples are based abroad and we have arranged weddings for couples from US, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, etc. so from all over the world.  We are used to cope with clients from abroad and to communicate via phone, e-mail, and Skype.

Why should I hire a wedding consultant?

For many couples, this is their very first time planning a wedding; moreover planning a destination wedding can be even more daunting: it is easy to feel confused as to how and where to begin, how much services costs, how to choose reliable vendors, what to do with the paperwork (in case of a civil wedding) etc.. Planning a wedding means also taking care of logistical matters such as the timing of events, parking, understanding which vendors are reliable and experienced, etc. Our Team will guide you and take care of all these concerns. So hiring a wedding consultant means saving money, time,  and gives you the chance to relax and enjoy your special day knowing all your expectations are being fulfilled by a professional and experienced wedding consultant who has your best interest at heart.

The venue I am interested in offers an on-site coordinator for the day of the event, do I still need an event planner?

Yes! Consider that the Lemons & Love Team works exclusively for you: a venue coordinator works for the venue and so their priorities are managing the venue staff, whereas our job is managing the small details AND the big picture. This means we will take care of you, your guests, vendors, and your special instructions. We always recommend an event planner to make sure the event runs smoothly and every detail is executed as you wish.


Also a venue coordinator will not be able to assist you with the paperwork requirements in case of a civil ceremony.

How do you charge for your services? Do you charge a percentage of the wedding or do you have a flat fee?

We prefer to charge a flat fee per event based on the typical services required of us, and then we can customize the planning service based on your requirements as each couple’s needs are different and unique. Wedding planners who charge a percentage of the couple’s total wedding budget have no incentive to find the best deals and the best quality/price ratio for the different services related to the wedding: the higher your wedding budget, the larger the profit for them. As we charge a flat fee, we work in your best interest to negotiate the best prices for the highest quality products and services.

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